Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Coolest Science Experiment EVER!

We are loving Evan's 9th grade Apologia Biology course!  
Yes, it's HARD and yes, he has a TON of very difficult 
vocabulary words & concepts to learn.  

But the experiments are AMAZING!

He finished his experiment on OSMOSIS this week, and it was so
 fascinating that I have to share his summary report with you!

 We put an egg inside of a mug filled with vinegar for 24 hours.  That made the shell of the egg come off. 
 After the 24 hours, we took it out of the mug, and put it inside of a mug filled with Karo syrup. 
 It made the egg sink in because the syrup drew out the water portion of the egg white material.  
 This process of particles passing through a semi-permeable membrane is called OSMOSIS.   

 After soaking the egg in Karo Syrup for 24 hours, we placed the egg into a mug filled with distilled water. 
 This made the egg swell back up!  It filled the egg with water through osmosis again! 
 It actually made the egg expand 14% larger than its original size. (The green ribbon was the length of the original circumference of the egg!  It gained some weight!)

  The original circumference of the egg was 14.5 cm and the circumference of the egg after the distilled water was 16.5 cm. 
 It felt like a water balloon!  (So he just had to throw it to see what was inside!)
This experiment taught us the principle of osmosis!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

First Winter Snow

We had the threat of a really bad ice storm this weekend, but instead we got a bunch of cold wet rain!  

But last night, right before we went to bed, it started snowing!
 We didn't get much...but it was so pretty! 
 My camera captured Eric's cold breath!
 Although it's still in the low 30's, the snow started melting this morning!  
 Poor Eli is shivering!
 And Ethan slept so late that most of the snow was melted before he got up this morning!
He kept saying, "Please don't melt!"