Monday, June 30, 2014

Ethan Is 3!

**Note:  As I was looking through my blog today, I noticed I had several "drafts" that I never completed.  So you might just see a few OLD pics in the next few days.  It's fun to look back & see how much my boys have grown!

Grant's Graduation Film Reel Cake

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of creating a graduation cake for one of our dear friends.
He is heading to Liberty University in the fall to study Film Production,
so a movie inspired cake was in order!

I first asked him to give me a list of his top 30 movies.  I created some film strips
with a film strip bulletin board border that I found at a party supply store.  I found
images of his favorite movies & cut & pasted them to the film strip boarder.  Then,
I laminated the film strips.

I created the film reels using scrapbook paper & aluminum foil.  
I covered one side with foil (the side that wouldn't be seen) 
and glued the scrapbook film reel to the other side. I free-handed the black
figures on the gray paper.  I also laminated the scrapbook reels.

(Practicing with cake pans & dishes to make sure this would look right.)

(Practicing a little more...)

(Trying to envision how this would all come together...)

I iced all the cakes with "silver screen" colored buttercream icing. 

I couldn't complete the assembly until we traveled 3 hours to their home.

Thankfully, the cakes made it safely!  
(My husband is a great driver!)

Finally got it all assembled!

And there you have it!  
The film reel graduation cake!  I hope everyone enjoyed eating
it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

We're so proud of you, Grant!  We look forward to 
seeing how God uses you to change the world!