Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Baby Turned 10 Today!

Wow! It's March 18, 2009, and Evan is now 10! Time passes so quickly! I vividly remember what went on 10 years ago--going to the hospital early that morning and the nurse practically laughing and saying that he wasn't due for another 11 days so there was no way we'd have him that day! She said when I was really in labor I would know! (She was right.) Well, that was enough to embarrass us to walk AROUND the entire hospital to go back to our car. And after lunch, I knew exactly what she was talking about with the real labor...and it was all in my back. I remember Eric using a little rolling pin from the kitchen to try to make my back not hurt so badly (one of those little tricks they try to teach you at the birthing classes). We were so afraid/embarrassed to go back to the hospital that we waited until it was almost too late. I remember Mom & Shellye MAKING us go after supper. We got there at 6:30 and Evan was born at 9:34 pm (weighing only 6 lbs 4 oz--I was the one that gained all that weight--not Evan)!

Oh, I also remember how Eric stepped on my IV and made it start leaking on the floor. He was smart enough to know to lift it over my head while they fixed it so it wouldn't hurt me too badly. And I remember that I went from a 5 to a 10 in a matter of minutes so it was too late to get an epidural. I only had 2 tylenol at lunch time! I was kind of glad--I was scared of the big needle in my back.

Oh, the memories...he has grown up so quickly! He is such a blessing to us! Because it's spring break, he and Ethan are spending the week with Grammy & PawPaw in Texarkana. I knew Eric would have to work until Thursday evening, but I really wanted to be with Evan on his actual birthday. I had almost decided to stay in Malakoff until Thursday until Evan told me that I HAD to be with him on his birthday. That's all it took for me to figure out how to get here! I was so glad that he wanted to be with his mom! (Really, I think he just wanted his gifts! :)) We made arrangements for PawPaw to drive to Gladewater and meet us for lunch, so Evan could have lunch with his Daddy too. Caleb and Ethan came too. It was so sweet when we got to Subway and Ethan ran up to me. He hugged me and loved on me and patted my back--it just melted my heart! I told him I needed to leave him with Grammy & PawPaw more often. He stayed right by my side pretty much the rest of the day! :)

After eating supper with Grammy, PawPaw, Kevin, & Duke, we visited Ami in the hospital (she had back surgery yesterday).

Thank goodness for modern technology...we waited until Daddy got home from choir practice and he called us on the webcam. Evan opened his gifts with us in the kitchen & Daddy on the webcam. It was unique! Right before he went to bed, I could hear Grammy asking Evan if he had a good birthday. He said it was great but kind of strange. He said he's never opened gifts on the webcam before! (What a sign of the times.)

I'm definitely thankful for our webcam! It's been a lifesaver since we moved! I highly recommend it for anyone that has family out of town!

Thank you, Jesus, for blessing us with 2 very handsome boys!
(OK, does someone want to tell me how to rotate this picture? I need so much blogging help, it's pathetic! :) I had to take this picture of Eric on the webcam with Evan unwrapping his gifts...can you see Eric in the background?)


  1. Kim! I am just so so happy to find you and your blog! Can I link yours to mine so I can see when you update? Pls. send me your email address and I'll send you more info about what we're doing here!!! Love you!!! My baby turns 10 this month too, how can it be?

  2. Sounds like yall had a great birthday! Mark and I had webcams when he was traveling--they are lifesavers!

  3. Kim-
    Yes, I know you from OBU! Good to see your blog and connect!

  4. Good blogging! I'm so proud of you! It sounds like Evan had a good b-day yesterday. Sorry we couldn't be there. Mauri is still sleeping (11:15 AM). I hope she sleeps all day. I know she isn't feeling well. I'm so glad she is home safe and sound. I think she had a great time. She's just sick and exhausted from the mission trip. I'm ready for her to be well and for my voice and energy to get back to normal. Have a great day!


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