Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Gratitudes

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! I'm a little slow on writing about my week because I chose to enjoy spending time with our family in Texarkana instead of being on the computer all week. And then, we came back to reality and had to go to school on Monday. Then, I guess my body didn't think I'd had enough of a break and decided to get strep throat! So...I've been either laying on the couch or in bed pretty much since Monday evening...except for the 2 1/2 hour wait at the doctor's office yesterday. But I am very THANKFUL for the antibiotics the doctor gave me! I do feel much better today...I might even have to go back to work tomorrow!

Here's my list of 25 things for which I am thankful during the week of Thanksgiving:

1. I FINALLY got my wedding ring fixed after about 2 months of not being able to wear it! The prong on the point of the pear-shaped diamond had broken and I was afraid to keep wearing it! We took it to our jeweler when we got to Texarkana on Wednesday and they made it look like new (for a small fee of course!)
2. Visiting my family in Texarkana for 4 days
3. God’s provisions & excessive blessings
4. Making homemade rolls on Thanksgiving day
5. Mom's wonderful cooking—yummy mashed potato casserole, turkey & dressing, homemade noodles, sweet potatoes…
6. Kevin made some delicious cherry cheesecake tarts & pecan pie tarts
7. Eric made a scrumptious pecan pie
8. Shellye’s overnight salad was pretty tasty too—I think it was the only green vegetable we had! J
9. I’m just thankful for FOOD!!!
10. Going to see "The Blind Side" with my family on Thanksgiving afternoon…what a wonderful movie to remind us of how fortunate we are!
11. Getting up at 4 AM on Friday morning to SHOP 'til we dropped with my family
12. Eric always trying to make me happy—I know he really didn’t want to get up and shop all day but he did it for me! J
13. Ethan’s funny personality—he’s always making us smile!
14. Evan being so excited about buying Christmas gifts for others this year
15. Dad & Mom being so generous to us
16. Putting up our Christmas trees before we left for Texarkana
17. Ethan’s excitement when he walked into Evan’s room after we hung lights all the way around his room. He said, “Wow! Beautiful lights!”
18. Listening to Christmas music
19. Cold weather
20. Papa Murphy’s pizza
21. The pretty colored leaves on the trees in the fall
22. Having such a close Christian family
23. God’s love for me…even when I don’t deserve it
24. My daddy’s stories
25. PawPaw & Grammy loving on our are some examples...
*Evan & Ethan LOVED sleeping on mats in their bedroom every night we were there (When we got home Saturday night, Ethan said, “It’s time to go sleep on my mat in Grammy’s room.” He doesn’t quite get the fact that we live 3 hours away.)
*Ethan enjoyed PawPaw giving him a bath every night (because he lets Ethan play a lot longer than Daddy does)
*They both enjoy Grammy's pancakes and rides in PawPaw’s truck!


  1. How sweet! I am with you on #9! I sure hope you are feeling better...I am looking forward to our staff Christmas party. I really love getting to visit with you. You should stop by again sometime with the boys.

  2. Glad ya'll had a nice time. I started to get in touch with you (we were in T-town, too), but we were also having a family reunion that weekend, so it was just too crazy. I'm sure you were very busy, too. The recipe for the Halloween snake roll can be found by doing a search on Paula Deen's website.


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