Friday, January 8, 2010

Like Father...Like Sons

OK, I think this was the year of the technology gifts! I really can't blame Evan and Ethan for wanting to play their little games...they are just following their Daddy's lead. :) I don't know about Ethan yet, but I really think Evan will pursue some kind of career in technology and/or gaming. He gets a little obsessed about them...he doesn't even play with them all that much...but he does "research" them all the time!

Eric spent HOURS (at least 6 if not more) trying to get Evan's new PSP Go to work. He begged Grammy & PawPaw for it for months before Christmas and then it turned out to be a horrible product. After a few days, they took it back to Target & exchanged it for a regular PSP. Now, everything works and Evan is so pleased!
Daddy got a new piece of technology for Christmas too...a DROID phone. He is obsessed with it as well!

Santa brought Ethan a Leapster...he loves playing the Dora game on it.

And he enjoys playing Evan's old Game Boy...I don't think he really knows what he's doing but he's having fun anyway!

Evan even knows how to check the weather on his new PSP! He even figured out how he can email people from our Wii! Amazing!

And Evan even figured out how to download a "homemade mac 'n cheese" recipe to his Nintendo DS via the internet through the Wii! Amazing! Don't ask me how he did it...something about Wi-Fi in our house...blah, blah, blah. Maybe he can write it for you...but, needless to say, we just HAD to try out the recipe. And it was SO YUMMY! There were no leftovers & we had to make more the next night. Oh, I forgot to mention the neatest feature. The DS has a picture with step by step instructions. After each step, you just say, "CONTINUE," and it goes to the next slide! How cool is that!
One more thing I just have to mention...
The quote of the week from Ethan:
When I got Ethan up this morning, I gave him the same speech as every day..."We have to get up...Mommy has to go to school & you have to go to KidsFirst!" Well, today he whined back, "Nooooo...not again!" (I just had to laugh! My sentiments exactly...sometimes it's so hard to get up and go back to day care, school, or work. But at least it was Friday!)


  1. There are some awesome careers in gaming that Evan can go into...our best friend has a degree in making video games! And the mac n cheese looks yummy!

  2. I agree with Allison the mac and cheese looks yummy! Ethan is so cute...I feel like that lots of days!


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