Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today we had the opportunity to go on a field trip with the Nacogdoches Home School group to tour “Whatakite” in Lufkin. It was such a neat place! The owners were so friendly & generous. They gave all of the kids a free kite & they all got to fly them in the field next to their building. The weather was perfect! The kites that they make do not have any wooden dowel rods in them, so they seemed to fly easier. The boys had a wonderful time! I'm so thankful we had this opportunity for some family time, and I'm thankful that my husband was able to move his "day off" to this morning to go with us! The boys love having time with their daddy!

Evan and Ethan visiting with the owner while they're flying their kites.

I just love this picture...Ethan was tired of standing so they just sat down and watched his kite fly. (This was after a little mishap where Ethan let go for a second & the kite took off for the woods...Eric had to run & did a nose dive but caught the kite! Whew!)
Look at the smile on his face...he was determined to get the "parachute" in the air!

Evan's finishing his run with the parachute. On his second run, he had a little collision with another girl but everything was fine. :)
Daddy is helping Ethan get his kite to start flying.
Waiting in line for their turn with the "parachute" kite. It taught them about resistance.

Ethan got the parachute up in the air!
Once Daddy helped him get the kite up, he wanted to "do it by himself" the rest of the time. He was great! It stayed up for a LONG time!
Evan's kite kept wanting to do little whirly birds instead of being steady.
This was one of their gigantic kites that they had bolted to the ground.
Inside Whatakite...such a neat place!

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