Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Warrior Prayers - Day 8

21 Days of Prayer for our Sons…

Today’s Prayer in on HONOR…

Good morning! I’m praying that you are “staying the course” & remembering to pray for your boys each day!

Today’s topic reminds me of some of the fairy tales and stories and movies that I’ve never grown tired of watching…like The Chronicles of Narnia, Robin Hood, King Arthur, Rapunzel, and even Shrek! I love how the story is about facing good and evil, and I love how GOOD always wins!

It’s important to teach our children about honor and I think it is a great idea to use stories of a knight in shining armor to do so.

Brooke states in the
Leaders Guide that she “came across a book recently that perfectly illustrates the type of men she hopes her sons will become. It might surprise you to know that it’s written for girls. It’s The Princess and the Three Knights by Karen Kingsbury. It’s presentation makes it a perfect fit for a girl, but it’s message is for girls AND boys. The only knight good enough to win the heart of the princess was the one who would do anything to protect her. That’s the kind of honor I’m praying for in my sons.”
So who else is ready to go out and buy this book for your children???

Why don’t you consider reading a book or watching a movie with your children this week that will teach them about honor?

Today’s verses are:
1 Chronicles 29:12
Psalm 15:4
Psalm 84:11
Psalm 91:15
Proverbs 3:9
Proverbs 3:35
1 Peter 2:17
Ephesians 6:2
Leviticus 19:32
Romans 2:10

Which one of these verses speak most to you?
Let’s keep praying!

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