Thursday, April 26, 2012


Some pictures from our Easter Sunday celebration with our family...

Mom and I made a homemade Angel Food Cake using our old recipe from Sister Duck in Paris, yummy!

This seems to be Evan's favorite dessert!

The Easter Bunny found us at Grammy & PawPaw's house this year!

My sweet boy!

Grammy & PawPaw

A few of the grandkids...where's Caleb?

The best we could do for our family picture...

My sister & brother

Ethan hunting his Easter Eggs from PawPaw & Grammy...he had so much fun!

A few of them were a little challenging for him to reach. 

Mauri was sweet to let him help her hunt eggs too.

PawPaw helped Ethan count the money from his eggs.

Evan's favorite part.
We had a wonderful time celebrating Easter together!

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