Monday, August 27, 2012

8th Grade & Kindergarten

It's hard to believe my baby is in Kindergarten & my other baby is in 8th grade already!  We had a great first day of school!  It's definitely a lot more work with both boys doing full-blown school but they both had fantastic attitudes & worked hard all day!  Time went by way too fast!

My friend, Kim, gave me the idea of making pancakes in the shape of their grades. Wow!  That was NOT easy!  But it was yummy!  And the boys were tired...not used to getting up before 7 am anymore!

Evan's physical science looks fascinating.  He's building a race car on the first day!

Ethan did a great job with his handwriting, reading, spelling, & math.  He said this was going to be way more fun than Pre-K!  

Here's he's watching Mr. Demme's video on Math U See.  He thinks he's big stuff!

While I'm preparing lunch, they are working on learning the books of the Bible.  Today, they just sorted them into Old & New Testament piles.  Evan's helping teach Ethan, and I guess Eli wanted to help too. :) It surprised us both how many books that Ethan already knew that belonged in the Old Testament!

After lunch, we are all "Exploring the Earth."  We started out by watching an old Anamaniacs video that goes through every country of the cute!

We also made a John 3:16 collage to show that God loves all the people around the world!


And...we ended the day taking "First Day" pictures next to our World Map...they were PRETTY cooperative...

All in all, God blessed us with a wonderful day.  Now we have to do it all again tomorrow! :)  

How was your first day of school?

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