Saturday, February 23, 2013

February in Pictures

We have had another one of those busy weeks, months, years...

I often think I need to blog about this or post pics to facebook or scrapbook,
but life happens & then I collapse into bed...

So I thought I'd just post a few pics of what we've been up to the last few weeks...and maybe, just maybe, someday I'll have time to get back into blogging. :)

Missions Fair for our area churches...
 We met missionaries from all over the world!  Amazing!
Did you know Ethan is holding an African-crested porcupine quill?
(I didn't know that it was called that either...Ethan informed us!  He had seen this on Wild Kratts (his favorite PBS show), so he wanted to keep visiting this missionary's booth!  At the end of the Missions Fair, he said, "Mom, I just HAVE to touch that African-crested porcupine quill one more time!
 Miss Ruth posing for a picture with Ethan.  
She is Eric's Music Ministry Assistant (and what a blessing she is!),
 and she's a retired missionary to Swaziland.  

 After seeing all of her "loot," I informed her that we could just come to her 
house when we get to the continent of Africa in our World Geography studies. :)
 A missionary from China is teaching Ethan how to use chopsticks!
 This missionary from Niger is showing the children a log that they use for the water well.
 An impromptu birthday dinner with friends.
 100th day celebration just so happened to fall the day before Valentine's, the day before I flew off to Amarillo to visit my college roommate. (Could life get any busier???)  But I was determined for Ethan to have as much fun as Mrs. Kelly made it for Evan's kindergarten year!  
 And fun we had...
 We did crafty, mathy activities all day long!
 A snacky lunch of 100 items (10 of each)
(He really didn't eat half of it...he was too busy playing.)

All decked out in his 100th Day gear!

So...the next day was Valentine's Day...Eric & the boys drove me to
Dallas to fly to Amarillo to visit my college roommate for a Scrapbook Retreat!
What a wonderfully strange Valentine's Day...
We stopped at Panera Bread for lunch...
And here's my lovely husband!

Ok, here's a better picture. :)

Here is where we spent nearly 3 days scrapbooking...
so much fun!
Look at all of these ladies & all of their scrapbooking treasures!
I had to plan & pack only what could fit in two 50-lb. bags!

Me, my college roommie, Deena, & her friend, Velvet
(I look really tired in these pictures...I wonder why...)

 And on the way home from Amarillo, 
we had to make a little stop to visit the Lorick's...

(can you guess who the oldest is here?)
 to meet this sweet little cutie pie!  
Kenzi is a precious blessing from God!

So...that's a little recap of our last few weeks of busy Beechem life.  
We had a wonderful Women's Conference at church today, so this week we were busy getting that ready.  We had a great time...Tammy Whitehurst did an awesome job teaching us about keeping 
Joy in our Journey!

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