Sunday, October 27, 2013

We've Crossed the Border!

It's hard to believe that it's only been 3 weeks since we moved to Oklahoma!  We are getting settled in nicely.  We feel so blessed with our new home and our new ministry at Idabel FBC!  The people have made us feel so very welcome!  We are so thankful that the church renovated this parsonage for us!  (I'll have to show before and after pictures on another post.)

Several people have asked to see pictures, so I finally have all of my boxes unpacked and have the house in good enough shape to give you a "bloggy" tour of our Oklahoma home!


Welcome to Abbey Lane

The entry can see the living room, dining room, & kitchen from this point!

The living room and dining room in the back

Another view of the living room as I'm standing in our bedroom

Standing by the fireplace, you can see the dining room, 
kitchen, & family room/school room!

The dining room

Family Room/School room & Kitchen

Family Room/School room & Kitchen
(The pantry is on the left.  I have school supplies, cake decorating supplies, 
arts/crafts supplies, & small appliances on the right side.)
Love, Love, Love the storage space!

Awesome laundry room/crafty room

Another view of laundry room/crafty room
(it's still a work in progress..not finished organizing everything 
in there yet. Do you see Flat Ethan's wall?)

The boys' bathroom

Evan's man cave

He's very proud of his simple room...

and he does not want me to clutter it up. :)

Evan's room looking into their bathroom. 
Ethan's room is on the right, the laundry room is to the left.

Ethan's super cool room with loft bed!

Ethan's room--school area

Ethan is so proud of his loft bed that PawPaw & Daddy built for him.
He said the ladder helps him reach the books up high in his "library" (bookshelf).

Our bedroom

Another view of our bedroom

Our bedroom and bathroom

Our bathroom

I didn't want to end the tour with the bathroom.
So here's a picture of our fireplace.

We are. Truly.


  1. You have done a great work at converting our house into a home..

  2. It looks great!!! You are blessed!

  3. Love it, and so happy you have so much space! I remember you telling me that you guys were crowded in Center. Guess God heard you, LOL! Congratulations!!!!!


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