Sunday, November 10, 2013

You're A Grande Ole Flag

Today was such a fun church day!  In addition to it being "Friend Day," we also had a salute to our Veterans.  Then we had a wonderful sermon about "Real Men" and a fabulous church-wide luncheon!

For Friend Day, our church had a goal of 250 in Sunday School, but God exceeded our goals!  We had 271 in Sunday which was about 100 more than last week!  And in our Sunday School class, we had TWENTY!  We were thrilled!  We've been averaging 7!  We are praying that everyone will continue to come EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY!

This was Ethan's first time to sing with the JAM (Jesus And Me) Choir.  He had so much fun singing "You're a Grand Ole Flag!"  The pictures are little blurry but the expressions on his face are priceless!

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