Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Trades of Hope Christmas Sale

I was so excited when I got this email today from one of our founders from Trades of Hope!

Compassionate Entrepreneurs, "you had so many orders in the last 24 hours that you caused an online traffic jam! This is AWESOME news for our artisans. You have blessed them so much! We know that, even though this is great news, some of you could not get your orders in due to slowness in the system. We apologize for this! To help, we are extending the sale to this Saturday, 12/6, at noon EST.

You have made this such a Merry Christmas for so many around the world! Keep it up!"

But what is even more exciting is that I realized in the middle of the night (when I couldn't sleep) that I am less than $100 worth of orders from earning a MOSQUITO NET for a family in AFRICA!  How awesome it would be to  help a family AND help our artisans as you shop for Christmas!

I love the mission & the heart of Trades of Hope!

So the sale is on for a few more days!  You can shop at

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