Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a wonderful Easter weekend with our family and with our church family! Our church choir performed the musical "Bow the Knee" on Fri, Sat, and Sun at our church. It was an awesome experience! We haven't ever been a part of such a huge production, but Eric did an excellent job of leading us (if I do say so myself). I'll post some pictures as soon as Eric gives them to me. I know Eric has posted some on his facebook page if you'd like to look at them there ( I don't know if that works or not but you can always go to Facebook and look at Eric's page.

The week was extremely tiring with practice every single night from Mon-Thur and then performances on Fri-Sun nights. Ethan spent more time in daycare last week than anything else but we all survived! He loves playing anyway. Evan thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the muscial with the children's choir. He got to sing in about half of the play.

We were so excited that our entire family (except Ami because she's still recovering from back surgery) came down for the weekend since we couldn't go to Texarkana. It was so nice to have then all here with us! They haven't all been here at the same time yet, but it felt like being at home (Texarkana) again! Mom and Dad were so great to help me with housework and cooking! Evan and Ethan loved having Mauri, Caleb, and Duke (Kevin & Ami's foster child) to play with them! We met them in Tyler to shop on Friday afternoon and then we all headed back to Malakoff. On Saturday night they all came to the musical. On Easter Sunday, we all went to church and then enjoyed a big Easter dinner. Then we had the Easter egg hunt that the grandkids look forward to all year! Grammy saves her change all year for their egg hunt! Although it rained a lot, it stopped in the afternoon for us to able to hide the eggs in the front yard. They had a blast!

It was pretty quiet and sad when everyone had to leave at 3:30 to head back home. And we were exhausted but we had to head back to the church for one last performance on Sun night!


  1. Beautiful family photos and very special time together.

  2. Hi Kim - I received your comments on my Living a Fit Life blog. Of course we can pray for each other on our journey's. Bless you and have a wonderful week.


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