Saturday, April 25, 2009

We Miss Jake--He was a good dog!

Well, it's been a little over a week since we lost Jake. It was truly one of the hardest things we've ever done! Jake was almost 13 years old. We knew he was getting older, but I think he really went down hill since we moved…he had arthritis and limped sometimes because he hurt his legs,but that seemed to be the least of his problems. He developed this horrible odor that got so bad about 6 weeks ago that Eric took him to the vet and he said Jake has horrible periodontal disease. He wanted Eric to allow him to do surgery that would cost $1400+ but Eric said that was too much, so he gave him these antibiotics to give Jake once a month to help. Well, it helped for the 1st month but then he got worse again…the smell was SO bad right after Easter Sunday. Last Tuesday night Eric noticed that Jake had something on the bottom of his mouth. He looked and his entire bottom gum was abscessed…it stuck out like a huge lip all across the bottom of his mouth. No wonder it smelled so badly! So Eric said we couldn’t afford to fix that and it might not even help a whole lot because he’s really old and just needs to be put to sleep.

We’ve had him since the year after we got married, so it’s really hard & depressing! It is also so hard because I just wish he would have died on his own. We decided not to put it off another night and had it done on Wednesday afternoon. I picked up Evan and we took him to a little park to tell him and have him say goodbye to Jake. He cried off and on that entire night. It’s been a tough week but I know it’s best…just SO HARD!!!

Here are some pictures of our sweet hairy dog!

On Easter Sunday, we had an Easter Egg Hunt in our front yard for the grandkids. Jake was so obedient and stood right inside the front door and watched! This was the last picture of him.

This is proof that Eric did give Jake a bath occasionally! Jake loved it!

Jake LOVED Evan and Ethan! He was very protective!

Jake enjoyed the Christmas celebration too!

Top 5 Things we miss most about Jake:

1. His barks when Eric sneezes!

2. How he used to greet us when we came home each day.

3. His love for us.

4. How he helped keep our floors a little cleaner by hanging out under the table where Evan and Ethan eat!

5. His hair everywhere...well, not really! :)


  1. So sorry about Jake. It is so hard to lose these furry animals that are really part of our family.

  2. I couldn't read this post because we just watched our cat die on Saturday and we said goodbye to our dog teak last year so I got through your first paragraph but the tears were too much pouring down on my screen so let me say that I pray for God's comfort and peace for your family as you remember your precious Jake.

    Bless you.


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