Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Busy Summer...Already!

OK, this is quite a long one...we've been on the road quite a bit since June began so I'm going to try to catch up a little now.

Aunt Sandy & Uncle Myron Celebrate 50 Years of Marriage!

The McCarty clan traveled to Paris, Illinois, on Thursday to visit with our relatives and celebrate my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary. It was a pretty quick trip, but we all enjoyed seeing everyone! We drove a little over 1600 miles between Thursday and Monday! Evan and Ethan are such great travelers! We caravanned with Mom, Dad, Mauri, & Caleb in one vehicle, Kevin, Ami, Luis, and Lilliana in another, and the four of us and my sister, Shellye, in the van. We didn't make it there in the fastest time, but that was ok!

Saturday was the big reception at the First Assembly of God.

This is Aunt Sandy, Uncle Myron, and my cousins, David, Steve, and Dianne. They had a really nice reception at the church.

This is their wedding attire and their vows from their wedding! (Now I see where I get my "pack rat" tendencies.) :) This was a really neat display in the center of the room!

Mom and Aunt Sandy (They both hate having their pictures taken but I made them anyway.) :)

Aunt Sandy & Uncle Myron with me.
My cousin, Jeff, and his wife, Jan. (I had some really funny pictures of them and my cousin, Dianne, but I didn't post them...although I really wanted to. They would probably never forgive me.)

Our delicious cream cheese mints! I think we made about 500 of them! They were SO good right out of the freezer!
After the reception, we had a big picnic at the local park, Twin Lakes. The weather was so nice while we were there--around 75 every day! Wow! I wish we could have that weather here!
Dianne brought all sorts of toys for the kids to play with--balls, bubbles, jump ropes, balloons, frisbees (everything yellow because that was the color of their wedding). The kids loved it!
Ethan kept trying (and succeeding) to pop the balloons!
This is my crazy son! He loves to pose!
Can you tell we have a "tween" on our hands? He loves to swish his hair around!
Some of the family visiting after supper.

Every time we visit each other, Evan and Alyssa have to see who is tallest (they are only 3 months apart)...Alyssa won again and Evan wasn't too happy.

Ethan decided he liked sitting on Jeni's kitchen counter to eat...that kettle corn was so sinful! Ethan and Evan both enjoyed playing with their cousins, Morgan, Alyssa, Zach, and Jake. (OK, Jeni, why do I never get a picture with you in it?)

I guess I didn't get a lot of pictures of everyone, so those will have to do. Now, we're back in the 99.4 degree heat. (We got back just in time for Bible study last night. It was nice to sleep in our own bed, but I do miss my family!)
My Silly Son

Ethan has "found" a new toy to play with...Evan actually bought it over a year ago, and Ethan rediscovered it a few weeks ago. It's a little parrot that repeats everything you say with a much higher pitched voice. It's really funny but after awhile it gets a little old. He walks around the house with it ALL the time now. He also made Evan let him borrow his goggles and would NOT take them off. They were all steamed up and he couldn't even see out of them, but he just had to have them! He has such an imagination!

Evan is a Rebel!

(Flo told me I had to write this little story so here goes.) Last Wednesday, Evan decided to go outside and play for awhile. He told me he was going to ride up and down our dead-end street on his electric scooter. After a little while, he came in all flustered and said, "I just got pulled over by the police!" He said that he was about to pull in to park his bike and the Star Harbor police man pulled him over and said that his electric scooter was illegal to ride. The police man said you aren't supposed to ride things with motors in Star Harbor, but Evan thought in his head, "Well, what is a golf cart?" But he was very polite and said, "Ok, sir."
We had no idea...he's been riding it for a year now! It only goes up to 12 miles per hour and isn't any different than all of the golf carts that constantly roam the roads. He was so shook up about it! He told everyone that he saw at church that night! So...we've parked it in the garage for now.

Our Baby Deer

We think that two moms have had baby deer now--one with twins and one single one. Evan took these pictures from our back yard one evening last week. We are so mesmerized by them!

Another Quick Trip to Texarkana
On June 4, I got to see my college roommate, Deena, for about 24 hours! While it was a short visit, it was so relaxing! We spent the night with her friends, Elizabeth, Violet, and Katherine. We attended the Great American Scrapbook Convention on Friday. It was a scrapbookers dream! A huge convention center with classes, a place to crop all day, and a HUGE exhibit hall! We had a blast! I'm now motivated to get back to my favorite hobby that I haven't been able to do since we moved!
After dinner, I drove home from Arlington and got to Malakoff about 10. Then, Eric and I hopped in the car and drove to Texarkana for 4 reasons: to pick up our boys that had been visiting Grammy & PawPaw for the week, to celebrate Mauri's birthday, to celebrate Shellye's birthday, and to attend Kevin Barnhart's wedding! We didn't get there until 1:30 am! We had a full day and then headed back to Malakoff late that night!
Ethan and Lilliana wanted to help Shellye & Mauri blow out the candles!

Ami & Lilliana

Our First Boating Adventure
On Memorial Day, Andy and Helen Jackson invited us to come over for dinner and a ride on their boat with Doris & Harold Shields. It was so much fun! The weather was so nice and all 3 boys (Evan, Ethan, AND Eric) LOVED it! I enjoyed it too! There were a few times that we got wet but it was really pretty and neat to see all of the beautiful homes around Cedar Creek Lake.
Andy let Evan "drive" for awhile.
Ethan was really quiet, taking everything in...he had a good time though!
My happy husband! He really wants us to buy a boat someday! (That will come only after I get a back porch and he gets his shed. We have a lot of saving to do!)

Andy just ran over some big waves and got all of us wet...especially Helen and Evan! What a blessing to have great friends to spend time with when we don't have our family here every day!

So...that's about it for now...I did get really motivated as I read my FlyLady book on the trip to and from Illinois. It's a great book about organizing and cleaning and establishing routines that will bless our home. I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished this summer...it's all about BabySteps she says!

One last thought...does anyone really read this? I know this blog is more of a record of our family journey but I just wonder if anyone else reads it. Will you let me know if you do? Please leave me a comment! It will make my day! :)


  1. Of course we read it.

    And as for Barney Fife, yea, they are real good about that. Except when it comes to weekenders and dog walkers who don't clean up after their pets.

  2. I read it! (And giggled that you went boating with my grandparents!)

  3. When I'm able to visit I enjoy myself.

    Loved the photos and the special memories that are wrapped around each one. Blessings and peace!

  4. I wonder why some people can comment and others cannot??? Any ideas???


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