Friday, June 19, 2009

Three Works in Progress

I feel like this week began my summer for me because we've been traveling so much the last few weeks. And thanks to RE-reading the FlyLady book, Sink Reflections, on the road trip to Illinois, I'm now so motivated to get my house in order and totally DECLUTTERED! I have 3 HUGE goals for this summer:

1. To TOTALLY declutter our house and establish the cleaning routines that FlyLady teaches. I know they work--I was really doing well with some of the routines I established a few years ago...I think it was before Ethan was born...having a baby kinda throws you into CHAOS! Well, I'm finally to a point that I think I can start establishing some daily routines to keep our home "blessed." You can check her out at

2. To attempt to POTTY TRAIN ETHAN. This is HARD and not going so well so far! We (really, I should say "I") started trying to get serious about this on Tuesday. That day we went through 4 pairs of big boy underwear, a pull-up, and 2 diapers in 12 hours...and not ONCE did he potty in the potty! I think he might have gone twice since then in the potty. It's extremely difficult but he is actually ok with me putting him on the potty seat now. He used to cry and say NO every time I took him to sit on the potty. And he really likes wearing his big boy underwear...he just doesn't really care if they get wet. He just keeps on playing! We needs lots of prayer and patience in this area.

3. To lose the 20 pounds that I've managed to gain over the last year. I tell everyone that this move has been detrimental to my health and it has! I finally faced the hard facts and went back to Weight Watchers on Tuesday. I have gained 10 pounds since the end of January! I know one huge contributing factor is that I quit going to Curves...we could NOT get it to work in our schedules. I truly believe exercise is the key...that's how I managed to maintain for the last 3 years! Well, I've recommitted to exercising at home and have only missed one day this week so far. And I've recommitted to writing down what I eat because that is another HUGE key on helping with the weight loss. I know HOW to lose weight--I could teach all of the Weight Watchers lessons--I've heard every version of them off and on for the past 20 years! I know what works...I just have to "work the plan" as they say at the meetings. I'm committed again because I don't want to be HUGE and depressed when we go to Disney at the end of the summer! :)

OK, so I've posted my now I have to be accountable...

Now, I'm going to exercise and get that checked off my to-do list for the day. :)


  1. You can do it! super! How old is Ethan? I potty trained my first kids so early and it took forever. This time with my 4th daughter, I waited til she was 3. She had one accident total. Wish I had waited longer on all of them!

  2. I'm so proud of you. You are awesome! I know you will meet and surpass all your goals. You have always set and met goals all your life. That's what I've always admired about you. Good luck!

    I'll start praying for you and Ethan. I know he doesn't care, but I've never known anyone entering kindergarten with a diaper on unless there was a medical reason. I remember trying to potty train Caleb from 2 until 3. I just knew he'd be trained soon after 2 because Mauri was on her 2nd b-day. However, he never learned until we went to Illinois over Christmas and saw Dalton go to the potty. He was trained on his 3rd b-day. I can't beleive we (I) tried for an entire year. UGH! I'm glad those days are behind of us. Good luck!

    I just had a major scare...we've been watching Rachel Ray while eating lunch. Of course, I'm in the summer mode so I'm not dressed yet even though it is 1:24 PM. A lady was on the show saying it is okay to just drop by to visit that way there is no hassle getting ready for your friends who are going to visit. We (D, C, and I) began a discussion about how people better not drop by for a visit unannounced. And low and behold comes two kiddos in the yard ready to come in a hang out with Caleb. Help me! I ran as fast as I could to get to the my "woman cave" as David is so lovingly calling our room this week. I guess it's a good thing that I asked David an hour go to help me clean our bedroom.

    About those goals...I guess I better set some and get off my hineee bo. :)


  3. You can do it! You're going to be the de-cluttering, weight loss, mommy champion of the world! - Flo

  4. When you are through at your house, I'm one block over :) Come visit my blog:

  5. Just found through the LPM blog, and knew immediately that I wanted to "follow" you.
    I also have that Flylady book. . .somewhere. . .I need to find it again!I have 2 of the same goals you have. . .cleaning house and losing weight. I didn't used to have a weight problem, and I went through the potty training with 3 kids, now I ENJOY taking my granddaughter to the potty when I am with her.
    Sorry so long. I do like your blog! Hope you don't mind me following.


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