Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Week in Texarkana

Last week, Evan, Ethan, and I drove (well, I drove...they rode) to Texarkana on Father's Day afternoon. We decided to split our time between both fathers...we spent the morning with Eric (Daddy), went to church, and made lunch for him. Then, we left about 2:30 and drove straight to Texarkana to go to night church with PawPaw and Grammy! It was only the 2nd time I've driven the whole way by myself, and we made it just fine! We were planning to stay until Wednesday, but both of the boys were having such a great time at VBS at Nash FBC that we decided to stay an extra day. I was also enjoying visiting and scrapbooking, so I didn't mind either! And Eric really didn't mind being alone...I think he enjoyed the break. are the top 3 things that Evan and Ethan enjoyed doing throughout the week:

1. Going to VBS at Nash.
Each morning, Dad and I loaded up the van with my boys, Kevin & Ami's foster child, Lilliana, and 4-6 kids from Mom's daycare. I had 4 car seats in my van for the week! (I was thinking this is what it would be like to have quadruplets! I think it might be fun for a few days, but every single day would probably get really stressful!) It was fun taking the little kids to Bible School...I'm sure some of them never get to go to church. Although Ethan won't be 3 for a few more months, his teacher, Vicki, said it would be fine for him to go! He had a blast (as you can see from the pictures).

It was nice visiting with everyone at Nash! It's hard to believe it's already been a year since we moved! We felt very welcome! Evan enjoyed seeing his buddies too! We had our VBS at Malakoff just a few weeks before, but Evan didn't care. He LOVES going to Bible School!

Ethan and Lilliana...I was trying to get them to make a cute pose, but you can see by the smirk on Ethan's face, it was not going to happen!

This is one of the huge decorations that they had in the church! Lilliana loved walking up and down the train tracks!

Ethan enjoyed playing with the net more than he did playing the soccer game.
Snack time is always fun!Ethan loves singing and doing all the motions. He really pays attention and tries to mimick Mrs. Vicki!

This is my favorite picture! They were praying for their snack! How cute is he???
2. Going to Game Xchange...several times! Evan LOVES this store and says that is his dream job--to work at Game Xchange! He never buys much...he just loves to look and talk to the workers. And PawPaw doesn't mind taking him. He and Ethan have fun looking around too.
3. Going to McDonald's...almost every day! McDonald's is PawPaw's FAVORITE place to eat and he has passed that down to all of the men in the family! My 34-year-old brother still loves it too! And now Ethan and Evan think PawPaw should take them there every day we go to visit! (And he usually does.) Ethan now calls it "Mac-A-Donald's." It's so cute!

Now, here's how I spent a great portion of the week...SCRAPBOOKING! I was determined to start and finish Ethan's 7x7 ABC Album. I made one for Evan when he was little, so I had to make one for Ethan. I spent ALL day on Monday with my friend, Sandy Olson. She invited me to come to her house and have a scrapbooking marathon. I haven't gotten to do that in well over a year! It was so much fun to create this book! I finally finished it right before we left on Thursday! I have some pictures of a few pages here:

Well, that about sums up the week. We had such a great time relaxing and visiting with Mom and Dad...eating out some and shopping a little. We had a good time visiting with the rest of the family too! It was nice just to not have to rush so much too. I just love summer time (well, except for the heat).


  1. Precious photos! Looks like you and your family are enjoying the summer. Blessings upon each of you.

  2. LOVE the ABC Scrapbook! I just don't think I have enough patience to do I can't cut or draw a straight line...yes, even with a ruler it's next to impossible! =) HA!


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