Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Fourth E-Man in the Family

The biggest surprise/change in our family came on July 7 when we adopted our new puppy, Eli, into our family! We had no idea that morning that we would have a new puppy that evening! It was a strange turn of events.
I took Evan to swimming lessons at the Cain Center that evening and went to Weight Watchers while he was in his lessons. One of the ladies from our Monday night Bible study, Anna, was at WW that evening. After the meeting, she was telling me how Mandy Hancock, a mutual friend, teacher at Malakoff, and member of our church, was trying to get her to take one of their little puppies. She kept telling me how this puppy would be perfect for our family. I told her how we lost Jake a few months ago, but that we weren't quite ready for a new puppy yet. Before I knew it, she called Mandy and told her she had someone to take one of her puppies! I told her that I would have to talk to Eric. Then, Evan came up the stairs from swimming and she started telling him all about the puppies...they are half dachshund and half rat terrier. He was so excited but we knew it would be Daddy that we would have to convince. When we got home and talked to him about it, he said we could go to the Hancock's and look but we would NOT be bringing a puppy home!

Well, needless to say, that did not last! As soon as we got there, we all picked up a puppy. They were so cuddly and cute! Eric was "whooped!" We told Mandy that we were going on vacation at the end of the month, so we couldn't get a puppy until after that. She said if we'd take him that night, they would babysit while we were on vacation! Eric and Evan were thrilled! I wasn't quite ready for the challenge, but I was outvoted! A puppy is a lot of work! So...now I'm trying to potty train two boys...Ethan AND Eli!
All the way home, we were trying to think of names. Evan wanted to name him, E-man, but Eric would not hear of that! He said there was no way he was going to take him to the vet and say, "Here's E-man!" So we started brainstorming more E-names...we couldn't break the cycle of E-names for the boys in our family. Someone thought of Eli and it was perfect! So our little rascal Eli is now a Beechem! He really is quite cuddly and cute, but I'm ready for the puppy stage to be over already!

Eli loves to chase Ethan around the backyard while Ethan pushes the spreader.
Caleb took to Eli very quickly!

And Eli took to Mauri even quicker!
Ethan doesn't really like Eli to chase him...but Eli doesn't really care!

Evan is a great "big brother!" He is really good about feeding Eli, taking him out, and cleaning up his messes! He gripes a little, but he does it! I guess that's the way it goes for a 10-year old!
So...the Beechem house is full of life and quite a few messes right now. That's ok. We wouldn't know life any other way!


  1. He is too cute! I am sure we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves if things ever slowed down too much!:) Have fun at Disney!!

  2. "and look but we would NOT be bringing a puppy home!" LOL, yeah right. We all know he wanted a puppy.


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