Monday, October 19, 2009

So Proud...And So Adorable!

We're So Proud...

Evan was SOOOO excited to show off his 100 on his Social Studies States Test when he got home from school today! Memorizing is not the easiest thing for him, but we worked on coming up with mnemonic devices to help him remember the capital, abbreviation, and state for his 5 states this week. And they worked! One that he came up with by himself was about a little boy at our church. Evan thought of "Trenton has a New Jersey!" Pretty creative, Evan! We're so proud of him!

And Ethan is just...So Adorable!

At Evan's Upward basketball games, Ethan isn't really interested in watching Evan play. Instead, he tries to entertain himself with whatever is around him. He likes "crawling through the tunnel" (that's his explanation for crawling under the whole row of chairs), watching himself on the video camera that I'm trying to use to tape Evan,

sitting on basketballs (Thanks, Jeff Jones for teaching Ethan this trick),
and wearing my sunglasses.


  1. Awesome Evan! Are y'all like upwards? We are thinking of letting Kaden try soccer in January. Ethan is just as cute as ever.


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