Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Don't Think Ethan Likes Halloween Costumes

So...for about a month, we asked Ethan what he'd like to be for Halloween. He kept saying, "I just want to be a BOY!" We walked down many costume aisles at Wal-mart, Target, and other stores and had him look at all of the costumes to see which one he'd like to be. He just kept saying, "I just want to be a boy!" We were ok with that! But then, about a week before Halloween, he started saying he wanted to be a pumpkin. So we started looking for a pumpkin costume. They don't sell pumpkins in size 3T evidently. So I decided I could make one with an orange pillowcase and my friend, Mandy Hancock. Last Wednesday afternoon, I took Ethan to the school to have Mandy sew the pillowcase together and help me figure out how to assemble it. Ethan did NOT want any part of the pumpkin any more! Mandy was so sweet to help me, and I thought I could talk him into wearing it for a little while. Well, by Saturday afternoon, I was good to get the few pictures I did before he took it off! So...he went to the Fall Festival as a boy. And he was still as cute as can be!

Evan was thrilled to find his Star Wars costume! And Ethan really enjoys running around with Evan's mask on....just not the pumpkin!

"I am not happy! Please get this pumpkin off of me!"

Despite the costume frustration, the boys had a blast playing all of the games at the Fall Festival.

Eric decided he was a stage hand...they dress in all black!

Ethan, Evan, and Gavon enjoyed a hot dog after playing all of the games. Evan enjoyed the cake/cookie walk the best! I think he won about 7 times!

This is the shirt that Ethan made at Kids First last week. It was so cute! A bat made with his hand prints & foot print! How creative is that!

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  1. cute shirt! I think he was just the cutest little boy for Halloween!


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