Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fun Times with the Family

Last weekend, Mom & Dad came to visit--we always love having them come! They met us in Athens to see Evan's Upward basketball game at 10. Evan is doing really well this year in basketball...he's made several shots and stolen the ball a few times too! He's improved tremendously from last year! He even scored a few points this weekend! He was so proud to have Grammy & PawPaw there to watch!

After the game, we went on a little excursion to Kemp to the Amish bakery. How cool is that place! I highly recommend it to everyone! They have so many spices for such low prices! They also have all kinds of homemade goodies! We LOVE visiting unique places like that! They had a really nice furniture store too...kinda pricey but really nice! We took a few pictures on the outdoor furniture...

Aren't these chairs HUGE? I don't think they'd fit in my kitchen. :)

We really liked this swing!

After eating lunch, we drove to Powell to the Pecan House to buy some pecans and other goodies there. Dad LOVES to crack pecans & eat them. I think he bought about 10 pounds of pecans! :)

When we got home, it was time to rake the leaves in the back yard. We all kind of like raking the leaves...there's just something about piling up all of those crisp leaves that just makes you want to run & jump in them! While I raked, Evan & Ethan decided to load some of them in their John Deere truck & empty them in our huge pile. (Not really productive but a lot of fun for them.)
Now it was time for the fun! We made a HUGE pile and Evan & Ethan just kept running and jumping in them. Evan even buried himself in the leaves for a few pictures too!

Isn't this the cutest 3-year old you've ever seen?

And what a jump!

OK, one of the main reasons Daddy came to visit was to help Eric hang Christmas lights around the outside of the house. Well, first Eric decided to climb up on the roof to see if he could actually handle being on the roof without falling and/or having a heart attack from fear! :) He was really terrified up there! Then, they tried to hang them around the gutters and found that they can't because have these gutter guards on them. So...now what? I think we're going to consult our expert friend...Keith. Maybe he can help!

So...those were a few of the highlights of the weekend. We also enjoyed taking a walk, playing several rounds of Uno, cooking & eating, and going to church together! We appreciate Grammy & PawPaw so much and love spending time with them! God has blessed us with a wonderfully close family!

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