Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

We were honored to be invited to an Easter Egg Hunt with some of our new friends from church. Allison told us that her parents have hosted huge Easter Egg Hunts since she was a little girl, and now they enjoy doing it for their grandchildren and friends. We all had a wonderful time! And, oh my, did they have a huge table of tasty sweet treats!

The Easter Bunny entertained the kids...I think he was probably exhausted after all the children chased him everywhere!
Ethan found a tree to climb...He spent most of his time in the tree or with the balloon animals.
What a good-natured daddy...Randy made balloon animals over & over for the kids.
One of Ethan's balloon swords...he kept popping it & Randy would kindly make him a new one.
Who's that cool kid?
Waiting patiently for the egg hunt...

Still waiting...
Searching for eggs...
Fighting over the eggs...luckily there was one for each of them.
Oh, what a day! I'm tired!
Thank you, Sculls, for inviting us! We had a wonderful time!

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