Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Sunday

We had a great time for Easter this year with my family visiting us. We were sad that Kevin & Ami couldn't be with us because they were in Maryland for doctor visits. It was nice to have my Dad & Mom & sister & her 2 teenagers staying with us...9 people spent the night in our 1500 sq. ft. home & we all got ready & made it to church for Easter Sunday morning! It was so nice & cozy! I love having them here with us!

My favorite part of the weekend was cooking with my mom. I LOVE to cook & it was fun to make Easter dinner & the desserts...

Fresh Strawberry Pie for Saturday night...
Rice Krispie Treat Crosses for snacks...

Our traditional Angel Food Easter Cake...

Easter Bunny cookies & Rice Krispie Treats...

My little "tweenager"...he's growing up way too fast!
The kids' favorite part of the weekend was Grammy & PawPaw's Easter Egg hunt for them...they always save their change all year & fill the Easter Eggs with it! The kids LOVE it!
Even Eli (our puppy) was helping count the money!

Our traditional family picture...I set the timer & ran to get in the picture...not the most flattering...I almost didn't put it in here but it's our family history. :)
My Mom & Dad
Caleb counting his Easter Egg collection!

Mauri's protecting her loot!

Mauri & Grammy opening their Easter baskets

Shellye surprised Daddy with a bird house...he was thrilled!
The cool kid with his Easter basket
Ethan's excited about his Easter basket...he was most excited about TANGLED being in the mix! And don't you love his swollen eye? He woke up with ant bites! On Easter Sunday, no less!
Waiting as patiently as possible for some "sweet treats."

We hid the eggs inside since it was so windy outside.

Evan counting his money...don't you love how we color-code the eggs for each grandchild!

Can you guess what he's watching? TANGLED of course! I think we've watched it at least 10 times already! And he loves running around the house with a blanket around his head pretending it's long hair!

And he couldn't wait to go outside & play with his new toys!
Hope you enjoyed our summary of Easter Sunday! And I hope you worshiped our Risen Savior that day & every day!


  1. Camera timers make me CRAZY. I seriously panic whenever anyone uses one. I thought you looked great, by the way!

  2. We missed having Easter with our "family" away from family! Love you Beechems!!!


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