Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dolphin Tale Movie Challenge

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to listen and learn from Sally Clarkson at the THSC Homeschool Family Conference. I learned SO many things about being a better parent, and she shared some really neat stories about her children.

Her son, Nathan, is in Hollywood as an aspiring actor, but for the next two months, he has the special job of promoting the new family film, DOLPHIN TALE. Sally Clarkson told us that a special interest group from Warner Brothers has given a challenge to see if they can get 150,000 people to watch the move on September 23! I think we can!

And if they achieve this goal, then Warner Brothers has agreed to make another family friendly movie!

As I was laying in bed last night, my math teacher mind was thinking how easily & quickly we could get this word out on Facebook. If each of us had just 300 "friends" on facebook & we told our 300 friends & they told their 300 friends (300x300x300), then you would have 270,000 "friends" that know about going to the movie on SEPT. 23! (I know my mathy mind kinda goes crazy sometimes.) And you only need a little more than half of them to actually GO to the movie! How cool would that be if they way exceed their goal!

Let's pray for this movement to be a great success! Go to the Homeschool Movie Club & sign up for their newsletter. They even have a curriculum guide/unit study to go along with this movie and a few others.

Here is a little ditty from the Homeschool Movie Club blog:

Mark your calendars for September 23rd…and set up a field trip for your local homeschool group or go as a family!
We are going on a giant homeschool field trip to see:

Dolphin Tale

Homeschool Movie Club and Warner Brothers will be offering a ‘homeschool day’ for matinee shows on September 23rd and if you sign up HERE you will get information on special group promotions, discounts for homeschoolers, and FREE DOLPHIN TALE CURRICULUM written by Sherri Seligson who wrote Apologia’s Marine Biology curriculum! Also, contact usand let us know if you want to bring your homeschool group to see the movie and we will send you some extra ‘goodies’!Register here to get updates on Dolphin Tale’s “Homeschool Day”:

And Scholastic.com has a novel for less than $5 right now. You could read it as a family before the movie comes out!

So let's get going...start spreading the word & let's make it a date to watch Dolphin Tale on September 23!

Finding JOY in the journey,

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