Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Made Homemade Hummus!

Last week, I decided to try something new...I made homemade hummus!  I've bought hummus before and thought it tasted pretty good.  Then, when I was visiting with my friend, Deena, she told me how she made homemade hummus!  That sounded interesting.

Soon after that, I found a post on Life As Mom with a homemade hummus recipe. She linked to this recipe, so I tried it last week!

And YUMMY!  I really liked it warm too!

And now I have something to add to my Christmas list...a FOOD PROCESSOR!  I managed to get it all mashed up in the blender but it took FOREVER!

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  1. AWww, hummus is from our neck of the woods. !!! (Middle East)


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