Sunday, March 21, 2010

Evan's Eleven

On March 18, 2010, at 9:34 pm, my first born turned ELEVEN years old! It's so hard to believe! He is growing up way too fast! I am so thankful for my first miracle child. He has such a funny personality & he has such a vivid imagination! He loves to build things with his Legos and he loves figuring out things with electronics. He is so smart with computers and gaming systems. He has even figured out how to email people on the Wii! He can sing really well but at this age it's embarrassing for him to sing in front of people. I look forward to seeing how God uses him as he grows up.

Because it was spring break, we went to Texarkana to celebrate his birthday with our family. I had such a fun time creating a “Wii” cake for him this year. It’s not perfect, but we were pleased with the results.

We ate pizza with the family before we opened presents.

Ethan enjoyed playing with Evan's bow while he opened gifts.

Evan was very blessed with gifts from everyone in the family.

Uncle Kevin & Aunt Ami gave Evan a Soda Can Robot kit.

Kevin & Evan put it together right away. It looks like a techno-fly. It's neat!

We also had another child for the week. We had so much fun watching baby Joshua this week while his parents went on the Mexico mission trip with our church. He was such a good baby all week! Eric & I both commented last night & this morning how it was strange not having him here…we were getting used to having another baby in the house.


  1. I love your blog! I cannot believe Evan is 11 - what a handsome young man! He looks so grown up. Glad you got to spend his bday and your break w/your family. Love to you all!

  2. THe cake looks fabulous! I really can't believe you can do things like that...hey! Extra cash for you in the cake business! Enjoyed visiting this afternoon. Happy late birthday Evan! - Flo

  3. HI! Kim just love family time ,its looks like you all do what we do, we celebrate everybody's birthday together no matter the age.But the childrens bdays are the best! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVAN!:)by the way that robot thing looks like something you would like!! Cake was very cute to!

  4. Glad Evan had a great is so neat to see how much your family loves being together! Joshua lookes like he had a great week too! I know Joe and Berta were so blessed by your willingness to keep him. I miss you and I am looking forward to seeing you tonight!


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