Friday, April 9, 2010

Bike Day at Daycare

For some reason, it's BIKE DAY at Ethan's daycare today. Look at this sweet and happy expression on his face when Daddy dropped him off this morning. Isn't he cute on his little Radio Flyer tricycle?

Since it was Eric's first day off in a long time, we decided that he and Ethan could sleep in a little this morning and I would take Evan to school. Eric emailed me at school during first period and told me this sweet little story.
These are Eric's words:

"I heard Ethan stirring at 7:40, so I peeked in. He didn't hear the door open. He had opened the blinds and was looking out the window and standing on the bed. Then he turned around and spotted me. I said, "Good morning, Ethan. Do you want to get up and have breakfast?" He just looked at me, rubbed his eyes, laid down and pulled the covers to his chin. I shut the door knowing I'd get him up at 8:15. He's so cute sometimes."
How sweet is that? Not just Ethan's actions but Eric's words about his little boy. What a blessing they both are to me!


  1. And you are a great blessing to us too!

  2. I think I must emotional today...that had me a little teary eyed! There is something about Daddies loving on their kiddos that gets to me! We are so blessed to have husbands who are also great dads!

  3. how sweet? what a cutie in the pics too? I wish I could have been there to see this cutie in person.

    Hey, Kimmy! How do you have lpm blog still listed? I've added them on my blog twice and cannot for the life of me have it on my list of who I follow. Thanks.

    Have a great weekend!



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