Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Creation Concoction

Ethan has been learning about creation, and I found this neat "Creation Concoction" on Hubbard's Cupboard ( website. We finally made time to "create" it yesterday. The boys LOVED it!

I told them to smile for the pictures and you see what I got from my silly boys! They are both such hams! I finally got a good picture of them smiling though.

Here's the summary...

Start with an empty bowl.
Day 1 - Day & Night (Cool whip & chocolate chips)
Day 2 - Sky (add marshmallows)
Day 3 - Earth/sea/plants (they suggested colored coconut but the boys don't like it, so we opted for green icing for grass & blue icing for the water)
Day 4 - Sun/Moon/Stars (Sprinkles for stars, open oreo cookie for the moon)
Day 5 - Fish/Birds (gummy fish or birds)
Day 6 - Animals/ Adam & Eve (Animal crackers & 2 gingerbread cookies--couldn't find gingerbread men so we made a toothpick man & woman with marshmallows)
Day 7 - Rest (God rested & said, "It is very good." So we rested & enjoyed eating the concoction)

I don't think we'll soon forget the days of creation...add food as a mnemonic device & it will stick!

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