Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Baby Turns FOUR!

Time passes so quickly...it seems like just a few days ago we were in Abilene waiting for Ethan to be born. And now he turned FOUR YEARS OLD on Sunday! He is such a bundle of life and has such a vivid imagination. He has the brightest blue eyes and can make the cutest faces when he's in trouble (and when he's not...it just makes it harder to discipline him when he is so cute).

We were so blessed to have our entire family come and visit us for the weekend to celebrate his birthday. I don't think I could have made it so special without them. And Ethan also got to celebrate his birthday with a bunch of his friends from church. Daddy was great to grill hamburgers & hot dogs for everyone as we enjoyed the nice air conditioning. :) Big Brother Evan was a great ring leader for the kids...he later told me that he did not want to ever be a clown for birthday parties because all of the kids would beat up on him and tackle him like they did at the party. He had a blast though! He is so proud of his little brother.

Ethan requested a frog cake (specifically a leap frog cake but then he found an example of a stacked cake that he wanted because it was the "tallest mountain")...it was the most difficult one I've attempted so far but we were pretty pleased.

We wanted him to have a very special day. And we think he did. We'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. (And I can't figure out on this new layout how to space them out so I can write captions. So...now your imagination will have to kick in. :) Or you can comment & I'll write back. :))


  1. he is adorable! I guess this means in a few months or more charley will be four. I can not imagine her 4 since she is soooooo tiny. but I am happy to see my ethan is a big healthy boy of 4.

  2. oh yeah and I love that cake you made for him sista kim!

  3. It was a great day shared with friends and family. We are definitely blessed with our two boys.

  4. Looks like fun! Did he get to go to KidzPraise Sunday?!


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