Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm Having Fun

I am really enjoying the practice I'm getting with making cakes lately! This week I'm working on Ethan's birthday cake. Of course, he chose the most difficult cake I've ever made...a 3 tiered frog cake.

It's my fault. I found several frog cake ideas because he wanted a "Leap Frog" cake (which is NOT the popular item this year). I printed them out and asked him to pick one...never did I think he'd pick the "tallest mountain" (his words). So I'm experimenting with creating frogs, lily pads, cat tails, and rocks with a homemade modeling chocolate recipe I found.

It only took me about 1 1/2 hours to create the first 2 frogs but then I started getting a tad bit faster. :) Here are some of my creations so far.

Stayed tuned for the final creation...his birthday is Sunday, so it won't be long! :)


  1. If I were looking for a special cake, I would hire you to make it. I know, another shameless plug for your cake business!

  2. the lilypads are adorable!! I'm sure the cake will be amazing, enjoy the party.

  3. Hi! Kim, so glad you're back! enjoy reading what's happening.,and I can't believe its Ethan,s BD already. That cake looks so cute; even tho I'm terrified of frogs! I know it will be put together by Sunday. Keep us posted. Have a happy:) week-end!

  4. Kim those look GREAT!!! Ethan will love the cake!

  5. Love it, you are really getting good, very professional!

  6. Really nice and great work done! Love it!


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