Friday, November 4, 2011

Amarillo (Fall Family Vacation Part 1)

We recently went on a family vacation to the Texas Panhandle to visit my college roommate, Deena, and her family.  We had a wonderful time seeing some of the sights and spending time with them.  Deena cooked some wonderful meals for us and they took us to the coolest DONUT STOP where we got to watch them make the donuts.  We were all mesmerized.  And the donuts were DELICIOUS!

yummy donuts!

this was the half-eaten maple crunch cinnamon roll...mmmmmmm good!

Just give me a dozen donut holes, Mom! :) 

We got to watch them make the cool!

making the cinnamon rolls

donuts come off of the oven & go onto the icing rack...

Ethan called this the waterfall of icing.

look at all of those donut holes

rolling out the donuts & picking out the donut holes

This sweet man brought Ethan a cup of fresh off the conveyor belt donut holes! 

YUMMY!  And this was AFTER breakfast!  So we all split the warm delicious delicacies.

We stayed there watching for so long...we were mesmerized.

We asked the owner how many donuts they make on a typical Saturday.
She said they make 20,000 donuts between their 7 locations locally!  Wow!

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  1. It was the most relaxing vacation we've ever taken. Thanks, Steve & Deena, for being such great hosts!


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