Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cadillac Ranch (Fall Family Vacation Part 2)

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from the rest of our vacation.  We had a wonderful time visiting my college roommate & her family.  It was so nice & relaxing, and we had beautiful weather!  The kids loved playing in their backyard, especially climbing the trees.

Ethan had so much fun playing with Jacie and their 2 kittens all weekend.  He misses her now.
Mr. Cool...we must not smile when we're 12 years old!

Cadillac Ranch is a really neat tourist place right in Amarillo!  Someone "planted" these cadillacs in the ground YEARS ago and now people love to go out & put graffiti all over the cars.  We remember visiting there when Eric & I were newly married, around 15 years ago!  And now the kids enjoyed climbing & painting!

This was too cute!

For dinner, we went to historic Route 66 to Cowboy Gelato's.  It's a trendy little hamburger place with Gelato (Italian ice cream).  YUMMY!

BRRRR.  This ice cream is COLD!
On Sunday afternoon, we enjoyed playing at a local park.  The weather was perfect, so the boys had a wonderful time playing!

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