Monday, November 21, 2011

Amarillo (Fall Family Vacation Part 3)

Another neat part about Amarillo is the painted horses at businesses around town.  They are painted to represent the business...we liked the Wal-mart one. :)

Since it was getting close to Halloween, there were several pumpkin patches around town.  Because I'm so camera happy, we just HAD to stop & take a bunch of pictures.  My E boys (INCLUDING my sweet husband) were LESS than thrilled, but they indulged me.  I got a few good ones.  I wish I knew how to do some special effects & blur out the busy town in the background.

We had fun going to some antique shops on Route 66.  We even found a MICHIGAN License plate from 1971 (when & where Eric was born), so we just HAD to get them.

We had the opportunity to tour Jacie's school too.  It was really nice!  

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