Monday, February 22, 2010

Radiate 2010

Wow! What a wild night! Our church (FBC Malakoff) is in the middle of an awesome revival! Our pastor has been telling us about an evangelist, Ronnie Hill, for several months. He's been telling us to pray, and he even challenged us to a fast for the past 40 days leading up to this revival. He kept telling us that God is going to do something big and we better get ready! He wasn't kidding!

Yesterday was an awesome day at church...wonderful worship, excellent message, sweet fellowship. Today, Ronnie Hill came to our high school and elementary school to do a presentation. He even challenged 6 kids to roll a basketball down the court & make it stop in the half circle. If anyone could, he/she would win $100! One of my students WON!! She was THRILLED!

Tonight was children's night...and boy did they come!! We think there were over 400 people at church tonight & about 180 of those were children! And I think about 50 decisions were made. They picked up 89 people on the buses tonight! Amazing!

Supper time was CRAZY!!! The people just kept coming in...children & adults! I've never seen so much pizza! Evan passed out tickets to the entire 5th grade & a bunch of them came! He was so excited that his two closest friends at school finally got to come. Zach (the youth associate) did an excellent job with this white board demonstration of the gospel story after they ate pizza in the youth room. The kids were really well behaved too! I was very impressed! (And I'm still not sure how that man in the wheel-chair got up those stairs but he did.) They were very organized after we ate too...they grouped us by grades & we took them to the restrooms & then sat with them in about packing a pew! We sat 2 kids to a seat!

It's so amazing to be a part of something so wonderful! I felt very convicted to be a part of the "counseling/encouraging" group this time...I've never done that before & feel it is VERY much outside my comfort zone. I had the opportunity to visit with a 9th grader last night & a 7-year-old (with her dad) tonight. I felt very inadequate but did the best I could. I'm praying that God will continue to work on their hearts.

So 3 services and about 70 decisions already--we still have 2 more with the youth + a car to give away tomorrow night and then steak dinners on Wed. night! I can't wait to see how God works in the next few days! Let's pray to see even more hearts changed!


  1. WOW!!!!!!!! That is SO exciting!!!!!!!

  2. so awesome! I am looking forward to being in the service tonight! See you later!

  3. Thanks for the update. I'm coming tonight and Wednesday, but couldn't come Monday. Although many of our students did! One of my teacher's kids won the DS! It is amazing! - Flo

  4. Hi Kim...This is just a test to see if this ya Kay Miers
    PS...finally a blogger ;)


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