Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day!

We LOVE the snow...something we don't get to see very much "around these parts!" My relatives in Illinois would laugh at us for how we overreact with just a little snow! It is such a blessing that we get to enjoy it for a few days! I think Evan has changed his clothes at least 4 times already this morning from getting so wet & cold! He was outside playing by 7 am, I think! We just took a walk down the road, so we could see the beautiful sights! Here are a few pictures from yesterday & today. Enjoy!
Thursday morning before you see Eli in the window? He's been enjoying the snow too!
Ethan didn't really like the snow falling on his head!

One of Evan's attempt at a snow man.

Eric took a few pictures around our street this was so beautiful!

Evan was DYING to have a snow ball fight with his daddy! He finally got the chance before Eric had to go to work.
I think Daddy won the snow ball fight!
Ethan's all bundled up & ready to go on a ride.
I couldn't resist this picture...they were trying to give each other a kiss!
Evan's 2nd attempt at a snow man.

The view outside our pretty!

Ethan & Evan decided to attack the snowman since it was melting anyway.

Evan just had to throw some snow into the lake!
Ethan was ok with throwing snowballs at Evan but he did NOT want Evan throwing them back at him!
What should we do with these huge snowballs?

Eat them!!!


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