Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birthday Cake Fun

Life as Mom ( is hosting a "Birthday Cake Round Up," so I thought I'd link up and show a few birthday cakes that I've made for the boys this past year.

I LOVE creating my boys' birthday cakes, but until just last week, I had never had a cake decorating class! I just learned from my mom over the years. She took a Wilton class years ago at JC Penney and then started a little home business, making birthday cakes and wedding cakes. She did an awesome job! I guess I've decided to follow in her footsteps as I'm taking the Wilton classes at Michael's this summer. Last week was just an introduction, but tonight we decorate our first real cake! I'm so excited! Maybe I'll become as good as my mom and drum up a little business for myself. :)

Here's what I've done this year...

Ethan LOVES anything Little Einsteins, so for his 3rd birthday, I decided to create the Little Einsteins Rocket Ship. I had never used fondant before but found that it was pretty easy to use.

Evan is very into gaming systems & this year it's all about the Wii, so I tried to make a Wii cake for him. He was pretty excited about that!

And just a few weeks ago, I decided to make cupcakes for my niece's 18th birthday/graduation. We made blue one for the birthday & chocolate for graduation. We made way too many, but she and her friends enjoyed eating them!


  1. These are great, very talented!!

  2. WOW! these are really pretty, I'm always needing some goodies for something!, and those cupcakes look big, Yummy!! Will have to call you! You can make a couple of extra$$'s!! yea! Let us know if you want something extra to do! Ha!

  3. Yes, they taste as good as they look. You'd better place your orders as Kim will be booked up soon!

  4. Kim _ wow, you are so talented! Laura Drury


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