Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Anniversary Celebrations

Last Thursday, May 27, marked our 15 year anniversary! We actually got to celebrate in 3 different ways this year...

First, we had dinner with our boys & the Parker family on Thursday evening at The Shed in Edom. Eric & Kim also got married on May 27...just 6 years earlier...So they celebrated 21 years of marriage!

Then, on Saturday night, we actually had a date with just the two sets of Kims & Erics...our kids all stayed together & got along just fine. That was fun for us & for the kids! We ate at one of our most favorite restaurants...RED LOBSTER!

The two sets of "Eric & Kim" (It kinda reminds me of that song, the Two Sets of Joneses...)

Our 3rd celebration was going to Jefferson, TX, to stay at a Bed & Breakfast. We have said we should do this for's only an hour from Texarkana & we never went there the entire time we lived there. We had a great time staying at the Delta Street Inn & going to the shops downtown. We especially likes the old General Store & the Blackburn Jelly Outlet store!
The Delta Street Inn was great! The breakfast was of Eric's favorites...Eggs Benedict.

What a blessing God has given me with my wonderful husband, Eric. I just love him so much!

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  1. those are great pictures kim. thanks for sharing.


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