Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ouachita Bound

My niece, Mauri, graduated from Queen City High School at the top of her class on her 18th birthday last Friday. We're so proud of her. We have enjoyed watching her grow up and turn into a wonderful Christian young lady. And I'm especially excited that she is planning to attend my alma mater in the fall--Ouachita Baptist University!

Here are a few pictures from graduation.

Well, the first picture if from her birthday party the night before...look at that cupcake tree! :) YUMMY!

Mauri with Grammy, PawPaw, & MawMaw.

Ethan wanted to sit by the bulldog...this was in the old gym before the ceremony.

Ethan was not happy that we made him come down from the bulldog.

Mauri with PROUD Dad & Mom.

With a closet full of clothes, what are the chances that my dad and my husband would dress exactly alike?

The official program...

Do you see her name??? Wow! And her best friends were in the top ten too...Caleb, Jessica, and Paige.

There she is...giving her fabulous speech. I should get her to copy that here.

Proud Daddy got to hug her right after she graduated.

She got this nice plaque for being valedictorian.

I haven't known a whole lot of valedictorians, but this year we seem to be surrounded by them...Mauri,
Sarah (my cousin's stepdaughter from Paris, Illinois),
Lindsey (our "cousin" from Redwater High School...she's the only Barnhart that I didn't get to teach but she & Mauri were in the same kindergarten class. I know Mrs. Kelly is sooo proud.),

and Ryan (from our Nash FBC family...Our youth minister's son...valedictorian from Arkansas High School in Texarkana, AR).

We're proud of each of you and pray that God will bless your next season of life as much as He has already!

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  1. Wow! Mauri Grace made your blog. Thanks, that was awesome. I saw it the day you posted it on FB but the hospital wouldn't allow blogs. Therefore, I got to it as soon as I could this morning!

    Have a great day!


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