Thursday, May 27, 2010

15 Years...

Today, Eric & I celebrated our 15th anniversary! What a blessing it's been to have him in my life! On our first anniversary, I made a picture collage for him with highlights from our first year of marrriage. He told me that I would have to do that every year, so I have. I took a picture of each one to share with you...they are not the best pictures but I think you'll get the idea.

1st Anniversary-1996
Two highlights--our honeymoon to Michigan & buying our first house

2nd Anniversary-1997
Highlight--We got our first puppy, Jake

3rd Anniversary-1998
Highlight--The Ropes course with the PALS

4th Anniversary-1999
Highlight--Evan was born on March 18!

5th Anniversary-2000
Highlight--Building our dream house
6th Anniversary-2001
Highlight--Going to Maryland for Kevin & Ami's wedding

7th Anniversary-2002
Highlight--Going to Atlanta, GA, with the PALS for
International Community Problem Solving Competition

8th Anniversary-2003
Highlight--Going to Glorieta, NM, with our church

9th Anniversary-2004
Highlight--Evan singing in church with his Daddy playing the guitar
10th Anniversary-2005
I don't have a collage because I made a scrapbook for our first decade.
Highlight-We decided to begin the process of adoption.
11th Anniversary-2006
Highlight--Taking Evan to the beach in Pensacola while visiting Eric's parents

12th Anniversary-2007
Highlight--Ethan was born in September & we finalized his adoption in April!

13th Anniversary-2008
Highlight--Family trips to Hot Springs, Sci-Port in Shreveport, and Illinois
14th Anniversary-2009
2 Highlights--God called us to move to Malakoff &
Our whole family came to our house for Easter

15th Anniversary-2010
Highlight--Family Trip to DISNEY WORLD!
thank you for your wonderful sense of humor,
for always taking care of us,
for being a great dad,
for your beautiful voice,
for using your talents for God's glory,
and for loving me unconditionally.
I love you! Kim


  1. Happy Anniversary guys!! I'm so proud to know you both! -

  2. Happy Anniversary...a little late! I hope you had a great day! Love all the pictures!


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