Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Snake & A Volcano

This week Evan had to make a "volcano" for science class, so they could try the mentos/diet coke explosion. Well, he didn't tell us until Monday night, so we only had Tuesday to put it together. Luckily, it didn't have to be really elaborate. We had fun getting a little creative & dirty.

We also do not want to forget the little bit of excitement that we had on Monday night. I was walking by the back door to turn off the light & noticed something slithering across the back porch. I looked a little closer and saw that it was a SNAKE! Eric took one look & said that it was a poisonous copperhead. Lovely!

I told Evan to keep staring at it (through the window of course) until Daddy could get a shovel & whack it's head off. He's our superhero!


  1. That is a great close up. That snake looks huge in that photo, although it was a little bitty thing.

  2. Yikes!! I don't do these things! whether big or little! I ran over one last week on Briarwood Rd, and it just popped! still makes my skin crawl!! by the way Evan that is a neat volcano! Good Job!!


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