Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flash From the Past - Part 2

Decade Two
The 80’s

Well, yesterday was the big day…I turned 40! And it was ok. It was a Wednesday, so I didn’t really get to do much different than the normal "go to school & to church," but Eric did take me to lunch at a nice Italian restaurant in Athens. One of my former Calculus students was working there and gave us a complimentary cheesecake for my birthday! Yum!

So…I know a total of 3 people are waiting for my next installment of “Flash from the Past.” I was going to do this yesterday but our wireless router on the computer decided to NOT work all evening and I just HAD to be able to scan a few of my big hair pictures before I could post this.

I thought it was pretty funny that Daddy had his own favorite memory of mine that he had to include in the comments from when I was 2! It’s not a “memory” of mine because I don’t “remember” it…I was just too young. :)

So here are a few random memories from my second decade of life.

1. My 5th grade teacher at Nash Elementary, Mrs. Roberts, was my favorite teacher. I do believe that my best friend, Jennifer, and I were teacher’s pets.

2. I loved competing in Bible Drill. I won at the state level during 4th-6th grades.

3. I learned how to write in calligraphy, make crepes, and play the cello in my PICT class that I got to go to once a week at Oaklawn Elementary.

4. I played French Horn in the band from 6th-12th grade. Marching season was the best!

5. I wrecked our family car just 3 weeks after I got my license at 16 when an ambulance hit me during a rain storm (but it was still my fault). My heart still races when I hear an ambulance…especially if it’s raining and I’m driving!

6. I met one of my best friends, Pam, in typing class in 9th grade. We always had fun in band together and in church.

7. I LOVED Science Fair…I won Best of Show in 10th grade with a project on thirst quenchers.

8. I was VERY competitive in school. I always wanted to make the best grade…but I had major competition in high school with Eric, Susan, and David!

9. I achieved my goal of graduating in the Top Ten of my class…I was #5! And I found out on my birthday at our Senior Awards Assembly!

10. There was a big group of friends that would go bowling on the weekends during my senior year. I was not good at all…I don’t think I ever broke 100! But I had fun!

11. Mrs. Penny was one of my favorite all-time teachers! She taught journalism & yearbook. She was such an encouragement to me!

12. My first job was in the “Facilities Services” office at Texarkana College. I worked there for the first two years of college...I followed in my sister's footsteps.

Well, that was more than 10 memories...I could think of 100 more I'm sure! I LOVED high school and college...junior high--not so much!

Here are a few more "big hair" pictures that brought a smile to my face as I was looking through old pictures. (I know there are a lot more but I think they must be at my parent's house. I'll have to dig some out when we visit them in a few weeks.) Enjoy!

Our Senior English Class

Celebrating after graduation at our house with my friends. Oh, my sister wanted me to mention that I had a meltdown that night when I dropped the crab dip on the floor before the party. :0

I love this church directory picture of my brother and me. Don't you love the hair?


  1. I've always loved your hair. I'm sure I would have loved it in the eighties if I had known you then too!

  2. Ok, as much as I want to be mad at you for the picture of us, I actually love it! I think it's a great representation of our relationship during our High School years! I loved you so much....and I still do! Just wish we lived closer...:( I'm honored to have made the 'memory' wall!

  3. what a fun idea! Love the hair!! I knew you were smart but wow #5 in your class...great job!

  4. HI! Kim, You were very pretty in those pics, just as you are now! Happy Belated Birthday! It sounds like you were very dedicated to your school years,and that is to be very commended! Great Job!! Blessings to you as you start a new year!! You will do great!! just with a little more wisdom now!!


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