Monday, May 17, 2010

Flash From the Past

Decade One
The 70's

(I was almost 2 years old here.)

Since I'm getting ready to embark on a new decade of my life, I thought it would be fun to reminisce about the four previous ones.

Here are 10 random memories from my first decade of life:

1. I broke the same leg twice when I was only 2 years old...once when I was mushroom hunting and once when my cousin was carrying me and fell.

2. When my cousin, Jeni, and I were 4 or 5, we got locked in the bathroom at our house. I remember my Uncle Vernon having to take the door down to get us out!

3. I got saved in a small country Holiness church in Redmon, Illinois, when I was 5. My daddy was the preacher there for a while.

4. We lived next to railroad tracks when we lived in Redmon. I remember the men on the caboose would throw candy to us as we watched the train go by.

5. We had foster brothers & sisters. Our favorite was Jeremy…he lived with us for about a year until we moved to Texas.

6. I still remember my address & phone number to our house in Paris, Illinois…714Water Street, Paris, IL 61944, 465-5552. Why do I still remember this???

7. I don’t remember anything about 1st grade.

8. I got my first B in Ms. Witcher’s class in 2nd grade…it scarred me for life!

9. Our family moved to Nash, Texas, when I was 8. It took me a long time to learn to say “y’all” and I still can’t make myself say “fixin.”

10. Christmas Day at Grandma’s house was always the best! I loved being with all my relatives!

(I think I was about 5 in this picture.)

There you go...a few memories from my 1st decade...onto the 2nd decade tomorrow...and perhaps some wonderful 80's hairdo's!


  1. As your mother (ha) I need to correct number one. You broke you leg the first time running threw the house and falling on the alpabet house. The second time was when Steve was carring you and fell over the stump as we were going mushroom hunting.
    Number two: Vernon broke the door in to get you and Jeni out.
    Love you and I can remember when I had my 40th birthday. Just enjoy life!! Live every year to the fullest!

  2. #1 Oh, as your Dad it seems that you forgot to tell the part that when you broke your leg that you scooted across the floor with the cast on. You wore out several of your under panties. You would not try and walk. I can see you scooting and Aunt Sandy and Dixe saying look at that little presious one.

    #2.Your son(Evan's) favorite story you left out also. The one where you embarassed your Mom and Dad at Church. The Church house was full and we sat in the middle of the Pew. You said you had to go to the bathroom and I told you no and be quite as I just had taken you. So you went out in the asile and did it right on the floor. You were and still are almost a perfect little Daughter. However there are some nice neat little stories that need to be told. Just your ole Dad.

  3. Pardon my grammar, but she don't pee on the flo no mo.

    Happy Birthday, Kimmy!

  4. Please...Please...Please...dont relieve yourself on our sanctuary floor :)


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