Thursday, May 6, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I wanted to post this a few days ago, but our wireless internet connector has not been working on our computer this week. For some reason, it's working right this minute, so I thought I'd check my email and blogs really quickly! I've really missed getting to read blogs this week! I guess I'm getting a little addicted. :)

Ethan is at such a cute age right now...he says some of the most profound things and I want to remember them forever!

On Tuesday morning, it was really foggy outside. Eric emailed me when he got to work to share this with me:

This morning Ethan pointed to his window as we rounded the curve on Star Harbor Rd.

“What is that, Daddy?”

“Fog,” I replied. “It is bad because I can’t see to drive.”


How does he think of things like that?

Then, that evening he came to the kitchen while I was making supper.

He said, "Mom, what are you making for supper?"

I told him, "spaghetti & strawberries!" (Two of his favorite things. I know they don't "go together" but he needed some fruit on his plate.)

He then proceeded to say in a very dramatic tone, "No, I don’t want any. You can just throw it away."

Needless to say, I didn't throw it away. And after a little talk about how that was not a good choice to say that, he ate all of his supper and was so proud that he made a "happy plate!"

And here's one more funny thing he did this week. He got in the box & kept covering himself up with the blanket & yelling for me to find him.

Getting ready to hide.

Where's Ethan?Here I am!

Let's do this again, Mommy!
One last picture of his dress-up with the blanket. This is a daily ritual for him. Actually, he just saw this picture, ran to his room, & came back in covered up again! :)


  1. Oh! how I miss those "such moments", this is such a cute post!! He is adorable! Take a lot of pictures, you can never have enough!

  2. Mrs. Beechem,

    I LOVE how you write down what is happening in you and your families lives, the pictures are just so precious. It is truly a great way to remember and your blog is so fun and uplifting to read.
    I hope you all have a great week :)
    Kim Collins- Former student/PAL!


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